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Nick Yeung

Nick Yeung

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Curriculum Vitae
I received my BA in Experimental Psychology from Oxford in 1996, then a PhD in the same area from Cambridge University in 2000. I completed my postdoctoral training at Princeton University in 2004, at which time I took up an academic post in the Psychology Department at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. I returned to the UK in October 2006 to take up my current post at Oxford, where I am a fellow of University College.

My research investigates the question of how intelligent thought and action emerge from processing in the brain. I am particularly interested in the way that individual cognitive processes become organised to produce effective, goal-directed behaviour. Translated into neuroscientific terms, the goal is to understand the mechanisms responsible for coordinating brain activity that is distributed across multiple, functionally specialised regions.

I currently teach three undergraduate lecture courses in the EP dept: a 1st year introductory course in cognitive psychology, and a 2nd year course on memory and attention (jointly with Prof. Charles Spence), and an advanced option in the 3rd year on cognitive neuroscience. At Univ, I give the first year tutorials in psychology, and teach other tutorials in my specialisation of cognitive neuroscience. For more information about studying psychology at Univ, please consult the college’s website.